Paula Moreno. Alicante, España II

Paula Moreno. Alicante, España II

Paula Moreno, member of TA Youth, former member of InteRed, and former student of Santa Teresa Vista Hermosa School in Alicante, shares about the values she learned in Poveda’s school.

“I have been able to learn three values: “Fortitude, humility, and simplicity. I think these represent very well what the Teresian Association is. Pedro Poveda was always close to the young and the poor, the marginalized, giving importance to small things, those that were overlooked. It seems to me that this is very important in the Teresian Association.

I really like a phrase by Pedro Poveda: “truth lies in actions, not only in words.” I believe the Teresian Association is an association of action…

Currently the Teresian Association has few young people, and I think that is where we should focus and direct all our resources to young people. We have to approach them. It seems to me that a radical change is not necessary; just open up and be ourselves. There are many young people willing to help. And I think that all they need is to know what the Teresian Association is, to fall in love with this idea; and all we need is to share.

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