Among all of us

In July 2018, the Teresian Association will celebrate two Assemblies: One of all its associations and the XVIII General Assembly.

We invite those who feel close or participate in the charism and mission of the Teresian Association, students, teachers, volunteers, collaborators, alumni, friends, families, etc. to provide suggestions to feel these events as an opportunity of renewal and mutual connection.

Maite Uribe, President of the Teresian Association, wrote in the letter to convene the Assembly of all the Associations (a.e.): “I invite you to set out as a community that has been called together by Jesus and is guided by the Spirit, people who listen to the call to proclaim the joy of the Gospel to everyone, in the style of Poveda.”

“We are living in a global context in which there are situations that challenge us. We need to take them into account when we discern, here and now, the mission responses that we as Teresian Association would like to offer.”

Because you have met Saint Pedro Poveda and his life has not left you indifferent.

Because you believe in the God of life and that a better world is possible.

Because you are looking for horizons of meaning and experiences of humanity in the style of the first Christians: “Just a handful of people, the early Christians, formed a powerful society; they extended it throughout the world and it has endured through the centuries” (St. Pedro Poveda)

Because you are a student, former student, you are part of the teaching staff of the Teresian Association’s schools or you collaborate in Social Projects. You are a volunteer, friend, relative … You participate in youth movements or the Teresian Association Movement.

Because you are a member of one of the associations of the Teresian Association.

Our faith in Jesus Christ and his gospel. The certainty that the Kingdom of God grows under by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our neighbor, others. The possibility of contributing to a better world, especially for those who live in situations of “social and existential peripheries,” especially so many families and young people who are in them.

The charism of St. Pedro Poveda for the Teresian Association …

We are moved to reflect together to identify the challenges of evangelization that the dialogue with different people and sociocultural groups presents to us.

And discern and decide where to direct our energies.

Create an atmosphere and channels of participation to bring to the Assemblies of 2018 the voices of many people who participate in the spirituality, style, education, and dream of Saint Pedro Poveda.

We would like to know the Povedan values that are more significant at this time.

We would like to make this a reality: “Welcoming the Gospel today requires that we go ahead, learn to believe in the sensitivity, intelligence and freedom of this new culture in which we are immersed every day. It is to enable the Gospel to generate a new faith, in contact with the questions, fears, aspirations, sufferings and joys of our time.” Maite Uribe, Letter of the year 2017, Courage and clarity of vision.

And give thanks together for so much received in these years of the sexennium 2012 – 2018.

An opportunity to build together

The assembly will be a space and time of opportunity to study, discern, pray, and decide the paths of mission and spirituality in order ” to go out to the material and existential peripheries.”

The assembly members will come from all corners of the world where the Teresian Association is present, members of the Primary Association and of more than twenty ACIT Associations. They welcome words and proposals from everyone  who participates in the charism of Poveda.

A.T.A  will be celebrated from July 21-28, at Santa María de Los Negrales, Alpedrete, Madrid, España. The XVIII General Assembly will follow.

This website,, and its respective social media have been created as a communication channel to share how we are participating in Poveda’s charism and the values we have learned or are significant, and those ideas that can help  build the future together.